Insurgent Tip by COMMON

We regularly see big execs promoting a lifestyle that’s just not sustainable for the average person. The “rise and grind” workday that starts before dawn and continues long after dark (interrupted only by intensive workouts and inexplicably artisanal meals) might work if 1. You have someone else handling the work of living — the cooking, cleaning, etc — for you and 2. Your work is your life –not your family, your friends, your hobbies, or your ties to your community.

Even in its more tame manifestations, hustle culture has an insidious way of warping our priorities…

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Insurgent Tip by COMMON

Tell us if this sounds like a familiar problem: you spend a ton of time and energy putting value into the world, but aren’t seeing the results and closing the deals you’ve been hoping for.

99% of the time, when you’re not seeing potential new clients on your doorstep it’s because you haven’t done the work to build the systems that are necessary to bring in new business consistently.

Not having those systems also means that when potential clients do show up, they likely aren’t anywhere close to being ready to commit.

As a result, you…

Insurgent Tip by COMMON

Let’s talk about capitalism.

Specifically, let’s talk about the struggle to maintain progress and growth — especially when you’re surrounded by businesses that don’t abide by the same values.

The problem (at least one of the problems) with the internalized capitalist-competitive mindset it can turn social entrepreneurs away from the values that make us who we are. It puts us in the position of constantly striving to win the game by outpacing and outselling our competitors, when that self-serving objective runs counter to why we became social entrepreneurs in the first place. After all, we became…

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Insurgent Tip by COMMON

Social entrepreneurs are secretly superheroes — or rather, superheroes in training. They want to save the world, using business for the power of good.

But as with most things, tapping into your superpower isn’t easy. We’re all in search of that one idea, that one perfect opportunity that can skyrocket our impact and allow us to live up to our fullest capabilities.

Many entrepreneurs go looking out in the world for the spark that will ignite their passion and set them on a course to success. And sometimes, that works. Sometimes, a lightning bolt of inspiration…

Insurgent Tip by COMMON

It’s the eternal tug-of-war for social entrepreneurs: do you put your focus on big-picture projects that help fulfill your mission, or on the day-to-day activities that keep the lights on?

For a very lucky few, the two goals might never be in tension. But for the rest of us, we eventually have to accept that the aspect of the work that feeds most directly into your vision — the thing that led you to found your social enterprise in the first place — isn’t always going to be the thing that pays the bills.

That said…

Insurgent Tip by COMMON

We are all doing our best to find and live our purpose — to become the fullest version of ourselves with the most to offer. When we’re seeking to do big things, especially in a space that is nascent and evolving, sometimes the people around us just don’t get it. This is even more true when your path may not be fully formed or easy to articulate.

This Insurgent Tip is for those social entrepreneurs who are forging new paths, bringing new industries into being and envisioning new futures. Because if you’re on that trajectory, you’re…

Insurgent Tip by COMMON

COMMON’s CEO, Mark, likes to take long, solo walks in the woods to help him unplug and hang out with his own mind. On one such ramble, around the three-hour point, he realized he needed to hurry up and get home — so he started taking some shortcuts. These shortcuts eventually ran him up against the bank of a stream, giving him two choices: either walk alongside the stream (and further extend the time it would take him to get home) or just jump over the stream and continue on his way.

With the onset of…

Insurgent Tip by COMMON

Here’s our hot take for the day: the most important thing to the success of your business is not your products or your services. It’s your relationships. More specifically, your relationships with the people who make your products/services possible.To quote our friend Bud Caddell, “Business, any business, is just the commercialization of human relationships.”

If you’re not paying as much attention to your relationships as you pay to the nuts and bolts of building your product, then it’s time to take a beat and look around. …

Insurgent Tip by COMMON

Social entrepreneurship demands a lot of us as individuals. It takes immense drive and vision just to get started, and seeing things through requires even more grit and determination. While these sorts of individualistic qualities are essential for success, too much self-reliance is a recipe for disaster. Keeping a sharp mind and a positive attitude through the ups-and-downs of running a business requires help sometimes, and habitually trying to take on the world’s challenges alone leads to burnout and failure.

No matter how brilliant an idea is, its potential (and your own potential, for that matter)…

Insurgent Tip by COMMON

In case it’s somehow missed your radar, we’ve spent over a year now in a paradigm-shifting, world-stopping pandemic. And it hasn’t been easy on anyone. To say nothing of the unfathomable suffering we’ve witnessed and felt, the daily grind of Zoom and isolation has worn us all down until it sometimes feels like all of us are just one big, raw nerve.

As this thing has dragged on, we’ve noticed a shift from sharing about one’s experience to complaining. That’s not inherently bad — we are all about authentic self-expression, especially when things get rough. …


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